“Drawing a Line”

No sexualized discrimination and violence at universities!

A campaign for respectful cooperation and against sexualized discrimination and violence at universities in Baden-Württemberg

With the launch event in november 2020, the campaign started with the billboarding of the slogans at universities throughout the country. Each university is called upon to organize an accompanying program. Ideas and suggestions for events can be found on the campaign website.

Resolution of universities in Baden-Württemberg against sexualised discrimination, sexual harassment and violence

In our society, people are still being sexually harassed and discriminated against. Especially women are affected.

Sexualised discrimination, sexual harassment and violence also happen at universities. Relationships of dependency and competition while studying, during the qualification stage or at the workplace can lead to different forms of sexualised discrimination, sexual harassment and violence. The universities see it as their responsibility to ensure that the personal integrity and dignity of their members and guests are respected.

All universities in Baden-Württemberg therefore take a stand against discriminatory and harassing behaviour and actively advocate the prevention of such behaviour and the protection of those affected on campus. To this end, the universities take all necessary measures and make use of possible sanctions resolutely. In accordance with the State Higher Education Act (LHG), contact persons for questions related to sexual harassment are appointed at all universities. Counselling options as well as information on how to make a complaint are laid out clearly and transparently.

We do not tolerate sexualised discrimination, sexual harassment and violence and call on everyone to actively promote respectful conduct within the universities as well as in society at large, now and in the future.





Sexualized discrimination and violence are behaviors that are not tolerated at a university. Therefore, the universities in Baden-Württemberg are firmly opposed to sexualized discrimination and violence. The campaign calls this ban to mind and promotes respectful interaction. 

Through the campaign, individual guidelines, contact points and complaint channels within the respective universities can be introduced or re-introduced.

The nationwide campaign emphasizes the relevance of the topic for the universities and the need for action. The universities also affirm their task of providing protection against sexual discrimination and of actively combating all forms of discrimination.

According to surveys, at least every second female student experiences sexual discrimination and harassment, and many university employees and members are also affected. The universities in Baden-Württemberg participating in the campaign take a clear position against such incidents and send a clear signal against harassment and for respect. Their participation in the state-wide campaign, accompanied by events, will help to make the topic public at the universities.

The campaign will start in the summer semester 2020 with a poster campaign and other events against sexualized discrimination and violence will be launched at universities in Baden-Württemberg. The posters, which will be displayed at the universities in the summer semester 2020, will bear various slogans with which the universities will protest against sexualized discrimination and violence and express their support for respectful interaction with one another.

The idea for a state-wide campaign was initiated by equal opportunities commissioners and other equal opportunities actors, who are united in the State Conference of Equal Opportunities Officers at Universities and Academic Institutions in Baden-Württemberg (LaKoG). By signing the resolution, the university management expresses its will to participate in the campaign. All universities in Baden-Württemberg are invited to participate. The Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg supports the campaign.

What Does the Campaign Look Like?

The campaign consists of twentysix posters with different slogans calling for respectful interaction without sexual discrimination and violence. The templates for the posters are available for download in DIN-A format. Each university can insert its own logo on the poster to make its participation visible. Furthermore, templates for corresponding postcards are available for download.